Teams & Brokerages

Future-proof your business & grow market share

Help agents build closer relationships with homeowners, while diversifying your income.

Help agents demonstrate value

Engage your database & turn old leads into listings

Generate income from moving & home services


Help agents build and nurture homeowner relationships

Use homeowner portals to engage prospects until they’re ready to buy & sell.

Provide ongoing support from a homeowner concierge

Leverage our contact center to proactively reach out to homeowners on your agents’ behalf and uncover opportunities to add value.

Keep your agents top of mind

Each week, homeowners receive personalized content across a variety of subjects. Each are branded for your agents and sent from your organization.

Embed your partner network

From their homeowner portals, clients can hire your local home services partners to:

home services

I've been searching for a partner to help us better understand the habits of past clients and unconverted leads in our massive database, and Homeowner.ai is the game-changing solution we have been searching for.

Mike Hogan
Founder, The Hogan Group


Track engagement and find the next sales opportunities

Monitor homeowner interactions and follow up when it’s time.

Be there when it's time to move

Homeowners move about once a decade. From their portal, they can:

Purchase Power

Use Cases

Nurture leads

Nurture contacts

Closing gift

Prospect / farm

Bundle services

Comarket with partners


Grow your business

Get closer to homeowners and deliver value at every stage of their journey.

Homeowner hubs

Nurture past clients, contacts, and leads with portals that help them build wealth and manage their largest asset.

Move & home concierge

Leverage our contact center to guide clients through moving, then perform ongoing support for homeowners on your behalf.

Buyer & seller hubs

Close more transactions by providing a modern and collaborative consumer experience.


White-labe the entire platform and customize communications to make it look like it’s yours.

Automated touchpoints

Keep clients engaged with weekly touchpoints that are timely, relevant, and actionable.

Opportunity alerts

Monitor homeowner engagement and get notified when sales opportunities arise.

Recommended pros

Provide clients with access to your curated network of local business partners and generate additional income.

Agent-lender pairing

Comarket between real estate and mortgage professionals and provide consumers with exceptional tandem service.

Gmail & Outlook connectors

Easily upload private contacts and quickly onboard them into homeowner portals.

Tech stack integrations

Seamlessly connect to your CRM, TMS, and more.

Included with Team, Enterprise, and Community editions.


Flexible pricing

Find the plan that's right for your business.

Individual Professionals

The easiest and most cost-effective way to get Homeowner.ai is through our partner, Live inHere.

Real Estate Team


per month
1-15 agents
Up to 5,000
homeowner portals

Boutique Brokerage


per month
16-50 agents
Up to 15,000
homeowner portals

Mid-Size Brokerage


per month
51-250 agents
Up to 50,000
homeowner portals

Larger Brokerage


per month
251-1,000 agents
Up to 250,000
homeowner portals

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1,000+ Agents

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